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Today, the top nonprofit organizations, whether they are charities or educational institutions, are racing to build development—or advancement—communications programs. This specialized communications practice focuses on areas such as branding fundraising campaigns; targeted marketing to supporters and alumni; building intimate relationships and networks with influencers and donors; and managing elite, concierge level communications with high wealth benefactors.

The field of advancement communications can be difficult to navigate. You may even ask yourself if building a successful program is affordable and worth the cost. But, gone are the days when raising money for your cause or institution is simply about asking for funds. To compete for attention and money, nonprofits, big or small, reap tremendous benefits and set themselves apart by adding this crucial element to the way they do business.

RK March is an advancement communications agency focused on giving not for profit clients the vision, confidence, and tools to reach their long and short term fundraising and outreach goals. We have the experience, networks, and the personal commitment to take your organization to a new level of success.

We also offer solutions and planning models that will fit your budget. To learn more about how we approach our work, read our manifesto , send us an email , or give us a call . We’re looking forward to talking with you soon.

RK March

RK March Logo